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  • Day Rate

    $20 per person (includes 1 meal)

  • Bar-B-Que

    $20 per person in lieu of dinner (Min 6 people)

  • Lagoon Crab Meal

    $17.50 per person in lieu of lunch or dinner

  • Airport Transfers

    $85 A 2.5 hour drive and for up to 6 people



Remember to bring your hat, sunglasses and sunblock for water excursions. A maximum of 6 people per boat is allowed.

  • Dolphin Watching
    Dolphin Watching

    Dolphin watching is on average a 2-3 hour excursion leaving generally around 8am. A packed breakfast is provided for the boat ride.

  • Snorkeling at the Bar Reef
    Snorkeling at the Bar Reef

    Snorkeling at the Bar Reef in the middle of the Ocean will be an amazing experience that you never forget. The excursion is designed for you to spend up to 3 hours exploring the beauty that this Reef has to offer. It is advised that the excursion be done by our guests in the morning, but can be scheduled for later in the day if you so desire. A packed breakfast is provided for the boat ride.

  • Dolphins & Snorkeling
    Dolphins & Snorkeling

    A combo package is available to merge the 2 excursions and save you money. This excursion will leave at approximately 8am and can take between 3-5 hours depending on how long you want to spend out in the water. A packed breakfast is provided for the boat ride.

  • Dolphins & Whales
    Dolphins & Whales

    Whale sightings tend to occur further out off shore and thus are more time consuming. Dolphins can be spotted on the way. The earlier you leave the better your experience. A packed breakfast is provided for the boat ride.

  • Lagoon Ride
    Lagoon Ride

    An excursion through the lagoon side of Wilpattu National Park will give you a completely different perspective of the nature and wildlife this park has to offer. Mangroves, variety of birds and other animals will quench the nature lovers’ thirst.

  • Wilpattu National Park
    Wilpattu National Park

    Land tours of the park can be organized as half day or full day excursions. Diyamba can organize your complete package including transport to and from the Park as it is approximately 1.5 hours away. A packed lunch can be provided at your request.

  • Snorkeling Gear Rental
    Snorkeling Gear

    Snorkeling gear rental is available for your snorkeling excursions.

  • Bike Rental
    Bike Rental

    Bike Rentals are available for guests to explore the local area. Kalpitiya town is approximately 7km for the more adventurous and athletically inclined guests.


Note: All water excursions are done by boat. Dolphin excursions are most common and Dolphins are relatively easy to find. Whale excursions are further out in the ocean and is likely to be more time consuming as whales do not come to the surface as often as the Dolphins. Bar Reef excursions are for up to 3 hours.

Please understand that although Dolphin and Whale sightings are common, Diyamba cannot guarantee them as it is a natural wonder. We thank you in advance for understanding.

IMPORTANT: All prices are inclusive of taxes and service charge. All rates quoted in US dollars.